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From Left to Right, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3.
00:00 Ao Shin
01:18 Elder Ao Shin
02:31 Firecracker Ao Shin
03:43 Dark Star Ao Shin
04:56 Divine Ao Shin
06:09 Star Forger Ao Shin
07:22 Choncc
08:36 Atlantean Choncc
09:50 Earth Titan Choncc
11:04 Fireborn Choncc
12:17 Precious Panda Choncc
13:31 Honeybuzz Choncc
14:45 Umbra
15:56 Black Mist Umbra
17:07 Fruity-tooty Umbra
18:18 Thunderbeast Umbra
19:30 Blood Moon Umbra
20:41 Hexgold Umbra
21:52 Lucky Fuwa
22:54 Jade Emperor Sprite

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