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Do you want a job making animation for video games? Here’s a step-by-step guide to pursuing a game animation career!
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Written and produced by Daniel Floyd

Special thanks to:
-Carrie Floyd
-Mike Jungbluth
-Simon Unger
-Lana Bachynski
-Dan Lowe
-Eric Luhta
-Gwen Frey
-Jonathan Cooper
-Michael Azzi
-David Gibson
-LeeLee Scaldaferri
-Kristjan Zadziuk
-Jason Shum
-Joanne Bath

♪ “The Skeleton that is Sans” by Faseeh Udeen

♪ “Ocarina of Time” by Mikel & GameChops

♪ “Mipha’s Touch Remix” by Bknapp

♪ “Oath to Order” by Mikel & GameChops

♪ “Hateno Village” by Mikel & GameChops

♪ “Observation Post Remix” by Bknapp

♪ “Zora’s Domain Remix” by Bknapp

♪ “The Master Sword Remix” by Bknapp

♪ “Song of Storms” by Mikel & GameChops

♪ “Game Over” by Bknapp

♪ “8-Ball” by Dj CUTMAN

♪ “Forest Interlude” by Bknapp

♪ “The 10,000 Year Old Legend Remix” by Bknapp

♪ “Final Destination” by Bknapp

♪ “Secret of the Forest” by Bknapp

♪ “Phantom of the Rose” by Bknapp

♪ “A lot of Things” by Pokérus Project

♪ “Dating Start!” by AZODi


This episode features samples of animation work by:
-Jesse Davis
-Mariel Cartwright (Kinuko)
-David Gibson
-Andrew Wilson
-Dennis Pena
-Gwen Frey
-Raul Ibarra
-Nicolas Leger
-Alexander (Sasha) Hush
-Cole O’Brien
-Tina Nawrocki
-Ray Crook
-James Benson
-Richard Lico
-Joe Han
-Stephen Eusibio
-Christoffer Andersen
-Saul Latorre
-Monica Ramirez
-Peter Hecker
-Nick Kondo
-Martina Speciale
-Iza Springintveld
-Michael Azzi
-Lu Nascimento
-Jay Baylis
-Adam Riches
-Pedro Medeiros
-David Vince
-Richard Oud
-Adam Turnbull
-Travis Howe
-Jack Ebensteiner
-Jason Shum
-Ivan Otdelnov
-Daniel Floyd
-Yu Ho Joong
-Scott Dickey
-Kevin Rucker
-Eric Luhta
-Jitaik Lim
-Ilya Mozzhukhin
-Ayoub Moulakhnif
-Kseniia Kutsenko
-Eleonora Bertolucci
-Chris Goodall
-Federico Abib
-Omair Fuertes Martín
-Elena Nájar
-Milt Kahl
-Jonathan Cooper
-Naceri Lu
-Glen Keane


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