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Here you’ll find all of my League of Legends/Ahri gameplays and challenges! My peak ranks in the game are:
– Challenger solo queue
– #1 Ahri NA
– 3 Challenger 5v5 teams

Current Thoughts on Season 11 and Builds –

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#1 Ahri NA

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F.A.Q –
Q: Why do you run Liandry?

A: Liandry has a multitude of benefits compared to items such as Ludens, and even Night Harvester. At around level 11 you’ll start to have the minions be at 1 HP and you can’t one shot with Q with ludens or night harvester if you’re behind on AP. Liandry will always one shot the back wave at any point in the game. Liandry also gives you AOE burn damage on any target you deal damage to + % Magic Pen. This item is more geared towards playing as a kite mage, which I love the playstyle of.

Q: Max W or E second?

A: W

Q: What Runes do you use?

A: Generally this one

Q: When do you stream?

A: I stream mostly everyday but definitely check my Discord or Twitter to know when I’m going live for notifications! Following my Twitch.tv/LegitKorea page will be the best way to know when I’m live. Click the bell notification after following to know!

Q: Why are you the best Ahri NA?


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SEASON 11 Ahri vs Zed ft. Laceration Full Gameplay – LegitKorea

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